Thursday, December 23, 2010

Technology and ear piercings

Good News - we got our FAF $$ to buy hannah an ipad. The letter came today and DH was out the door to buy it this afternoon. She was so pleased when he got it home. Kept saying "Hannah has TWO ipods! Not Kit" Kit for his part was his usual fantastic self. I did explain to him later that the government had paid for the ipad - it was to help Hannah in Year 1. He didn't once wonder at why she got it and not him. We agreed that it could be used by everyone during the holidays but come school time - it is to help Hannah with all her Year 1 work (the ipod touch we got her for her birthday is for 'play') and any movies or such things will be taken off it. Kit was keen to look up ibooks for 'appropriate ones for Hannah' and 'one for me too!'
I remember when I got my ears peirced. It was 1976 (?) in Brisbane and they'd just started using the 'gun' so Mum and I went in to get ours done. My sisters had already had theirs done using the needle. I recall a fantastic day of mother - daughter closeness and sunshine. When we got back to our house we found out that my great-grandmother had died. (no mobile phones so we only found out when we got home) It marked the day forever in my memory because my Mum was so upset at losing her grandmother. Anyways let's just say that I am glad to have got through the day of Hannah's earpeircing.
Finally today Hannah got her ears pierced. SInce she was about 3 she'd play with my earrings and ask to have her own done too. I'd always smile and reply "When you are 6" thinking that that day was YEARS away! This year when she was asking my SIL volunteered to take her. HEr own daughter needed hers done - she would do both. I said so long as I didn't have to be anywhere near at the time and if she fainted - I wasn't to be told! And so the deal was struck. Today we trekked out west to get Hannah's ears pierced. Se was so excited it was gorgeous. I sat outside at a cafe. Didn't go anywhere near the beautician. Hannah came running out full of smiles and clutching a candy cane - so I can only say it went well. My SIL had the numbing spray and antiseptic spray - so different to in my day! in hand for me. Hannah chose red stones. very sweet. I wonder if my SIL will also taker her for her first tattoo - they are much more common now too...

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