Monday, December 06, 2010


Here are some quotes from the twins reports:

"Hannah has made great progress in her reading and writing this year....Hannah has worked well in mathematics this year...Hannah has made fantastic progress in all Key Learning Areas and should be very proud of her achievements. She has really settled into the routine of school and has become enthusiastic about her learning....Hannah has been a pleasure to have in the classroom this year. Well done Hannah."

"Kit behaves in a compassionate way and is caring towards others...Kit has made pleasing progress in English this year...Kit has shown a really strong understanding of numbers...Kit is a happy and friendly student who always works to the best of his ability. He is a cooperative student who interacts and relates well with others. He needs to be commended for the consistent effort that he puts into his work. He has produced pleasing results in all subjects, especially his reading. It has been a pleasure to teach Kit..."


Sharon said...

Awesome! Well done Hannah and Kit. Hope you enjoy your shopping trip too.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Big congratulations!

And the "pleasure to teach" is the best part (I think so).

Hope you will have lots of fun over the summer.

What report would you write about the teachers? (I think they might appreciate a reward for their hard work).

Shelley said...

Funny you should say that Adelaide. I gave the principal a thank you letter and a large gingerbread house for all the staff to share. I wrote how when it came time to prepare our list of gifts to say thankyou - it got so long - and I listed each of the 'groups' of teachers and commented on how great they were... including the office staff and the teachers who don't teach the twins but who are on playgroun duty and who are always ready witha smile and greeting when I see them. I am hoping to then get time to write individual Christmas cards for each but there really are a lot - there are the 2 class teachers who are angels, the special needs teacher and the two teachers assistants/aids, there is the ESL teacher all of whom have worked with Hannah and the ESL teacher also helps with Kit's reading, there is the librarian who helps with library time and also runs the enrichment class that Kit is in, there are the sports and music teachers who are fantastic, there is a regular relief teacher who I think is great in the classroom and of course the principal who pulls together a school with a wonderful professional and compassionate culture... so yes definitely they deserve a very positive report card. The letter was more from us so I am thinking the cards will be more from the kids...

Adelaide Dupont said...

So excellent.

I can imagine the gingerbread house will be gone in double quick time, if the teachers don't decide to eat it mindfully. (This means: take ... one ... bite ...)

And it's great to see them as individuals and working as a cohesive group.

(Hope the group will be there in 6 years will be an experience they might never forget).