Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas chaos

One of my nieces - just cos she's adorable.
Waking Grandpa up on Christmas morning. The poor man had driven all the way from Brisbane the day before and then sat up with Phil and I till midnight the night before. Still I don't think he minded the brats jumping on him at 6am - it was Christmas after all!
Pretty in Pink - Kit got Hannah the pink ball for Christmas which she loved. She got him a diary and a big green pen which he loves.
Lunch with the family was lots of fun - as usual. Baby C must surely be Hannah's favourite cousin - she just loves her.
Gra got her the bubble gun - Santa the dancing tutu
The brats got a couple of shared gifts. I still like to see them share so beautifully.
Still more presents - just as well DH wants spoilt kids!
Christmas day was nice and hot so included a water fight in the yard with Hannah and Kit's 'guns' from Santa.
I LOVE what Santa got me for Christmas
Dad was back in residence for Christmas. Hannah and Kit were very pleased to have 'gra' back in residence. I hope he comes back early in the new year.
This must rank as the best present the twins have ever got. Mum and Dad bought it for them for their birthday about 3 years ago - they both love it - but it has been Kit's saviour on many occasion. When he is tired or overwrought or just in need of letting out an 'energy surge' off he goes to centre himself and simply be and jump - in his own world of sensation. He regularly plays a bit in the house and then takes himself out for a jump, then comes in and plays some more before going back out to that trampoline... we love it!
Kit's cousin from QLD slept over they had an absolute ball. I did feel a bit sorry for Hannah who was pretty much totally excluded from their play - not that she seemed to mind too much. I did have a go at her cousin once when she tried to say something to him and cos he couldn't understand he totally ignored her - I simply said to him that Hannah was talking to him and that he should at least acknowledge that by looking at her and saying something simple like 'Hi Hannah'. Then she wanted a go on the trampoline and they stopped her - when we intervened they went to just get off rather than do what normally happens here and the bigger kids sit down and watch while Hannah has her 'turn'.She had a good couple of days though lots of tv, independent play and time on her own with her parents.
I have done some baking over the break - some more successful than others. APart from the fact that the innards of my peppermint crisp look more blue than green this caramel pie turned out pretty well.
Friends bought the twins gellibaff for Christmas. Kit wouldn't be in it but Hannah gave it a go.
We went to this park on the Bay hoping the breeze off the water would help us achieve liftoff with the twins' new kites - we did a little...
After playing at the local park this afternoon Kit is keen to go out for dinner - so we are splashing out and going to our favourite local Italian restaurant...delicious.
Hannah still loves to swing - I have her whole lifetime recorded on the swings I reckon - might have to try and make a photo collage for her of it one day.
Objects of beauty but I love the feet that fills 'em more!
Kit in the light...yum!
Hannah on the play equipment

This bay is about a ten minute walk from our house and even though it has been very damaged by industrial activities over the years (I can almost see the 3headed fish from the Simpsons swim by) it provides a beautiful view and atmosphere and even a patch of clean sand for the twins to play in. I love living near water - it is so calming...
They do tend to have more separate play activities these days but they always spend some time playing together - like today at the pathetic patch of sand on the bay near where we live. I love seeing the two heads together in collusion
Flinging sand back into the bay
Hannah and her Dad trying to get the kite she got for Christmas to fly

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