Thursday, September 30, 2010


It has taken me a while to wind down these holidays. I cleaned the house from top to bottom yesterday and now finally feel like I am finally ready to relax on holidays. hannah of course picked up the concept straight away - there is a no jewellery rule at her school - here she is decking herself out for the holidays.
The last day of term was our 16th weddinganniversary - so we all got decked out in our finest and went to the local reasonably fancy Italian place for dinner. Kit was so tired that I was eternally grateful (yet again) for my MIL who lives nearby and came and got him in between courses and took him to her place to watch the football cos he was falling asleep before the mains had arrived. Little brat on the other hadn must have had a sleep at school in the afternoon - cos she sat up in her princess frock and really added value to our romantic anniversary meal. lol! All aboard hannah's bus!

Hannah is loving imaginery play at the moment. Her favourite is to pretend to be a poodle. Today on the ferry she took turns with me - pretending to be mummy and baby - which involved crying feeding and giving baby a bottle. Another game du jour is in the morning when I am lying in bed I hear the sound of a cane basket being dragged across teh hallway into my room - then the concert begins as Hannah hands everyone a musical instrument and leads the photoes though - I am in my pjs!
You know it's school holidays when construction begins in the loungeroom again.
Bikeriding and parks is still a favourite activity - especially in the lovely run of spring weather we've been having...

In this month's Sydney Child there is an article by a special needs mama about how she feels like a fish out of water as she learns to negotiate 'regular' playgroup with her new 'typical' child after years of hanging out in the special needs fraternity. I found it difficult to suspend belief - surely she was exaggerating...and yet last weekend I took Kit to a Pirate Party. It was for a lovely boy that Kit befriended last year at preschool. Kit had an absolute blast - and don't get me wrong - I enjoyed it - the parents of this young man are lovely. Still as I sat and watched Kit play - not having to check that he was 'fitting in' or that he was 'enjoying himself' that he could actually do the party games that had been organised - I felt a wee affinity with that mama. It is a peculiar feeling, paddling in the shallows after spending so much time in the deep end. In the deepend parents connect quickly. They overcome any selfconsciousness and seek bonds - they are especially welcoming - or so it seems to me. These parents were more reserved - just doing their 'regular' thing - not stepping outside of their comfort zone everytime they leave the house with their child. It felt odd not to even mention therapy or DS or some such thing - it was such a lovely setting and a lovely sunny afternoon - just right for chatting with other parents. But then I too am overstating the case. I don't feel that way at all with the other parents from the twins kindy - you know why? Because when the twins started there I sent out a letter to every family in the school. Telling them about Hannah and DS and basically asking for their help as part of the community in getting to know her and in helping her succeed at school. Those families responded with openness and generosity - they stepped out of their own comfort zone and connected in small or large ways with our family.
She makes one cool fashionista when she gets going
Kit making dessert
The twins are growing more independent every day. They have learned so much this year in kindy. Here they are busy making soup - by themselves thank you very much!
This morning my MIL and I took the twins into town on aferry. Destination: state library for a story reading. Margaret WIld and Jan Omerod reading their latest book Itsy-Bitsy Babies. Need I say more? Hannah inparticular loved it. One reason I really wanted to go was that the twins were kindly given 2 books each by Margaret WIld earlier in the year. Both with lovely thoughtful inscriptions - organised by her son who my DH knows thorugh work. It was a lovely gesture - one of those books - Baby Boomsticks was also a big hit with Hannah who is baby obsessed.
Kit volunteered to help author Margaret WIld and illustrator Jan Omerod as they read aloud an animal tale.
Illustrator Jan Omerod pretending to be a monkey, looking in Hannah's hair for something delicious to eat.
Kit contemplating life on the river
It was such a lovely spring day to be on the water. When we got home I was flabbergasted to find that both kids went down for a 'nana nap' with barely any protest> What was there for me to do but to join them? Yes almost one week into our holidays and I think we are finally finding our groove as they say...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Music Concert

Kit had his music concert on the weekend. He did great. We are just so proud of that kid. He practised twice a day for the week before hand - and it showed. He and the other kids in his class played beautifully. SOme things don't change however and yes - he tripped as he went up the stairs onto the stage - he was so excited. During the week tehre was one morning when he came racing in to our bedroom at 6am (cos that is where the keyboard is) and began playing his performance piece - TEN times (Yikes).

Hannah's dance concert is coming up in a mnth - and witht he costumes and the fact that Dad is staying with us so he can see her - I wanted Kit to feel that his concert was just as special. I think it was. his Aunty came and watched him. Afterwards he chose a reader at the local bookshop, then we had lunch at a cafe, his father bought him some lego and then he went over to a friend's house to play. So he had a good weekend. The spring holidays are fast approaching - today he started discussing our plans for his and Hannah's 6th birthday.