Saturday, June 22, 2013


I am sitting with Kit at a local Bakery whiling away the time until his first ATOD exam - that's ballet. Hannah has gone to her piano lesson with her Dad. It's a cold wet and wintry day in Sydney. 
Kit decided he'd like to try ballet after volunteering for a year with Hannah's dance group (the one for children, teens and adults with disabilities). He loved it - the studio and ballet. With lots of stuff already on his schedule I found a ballet class that was on at the same day & time as Hannah's. he loves it. He dances down the street every week after his class. When they said he should try for this exam he was happy to and when they suggests a few weeks of attending an extra class he was happy to do so. Now the extra class will end but he has been invited to join their performance group next term - and has agreed to - so we are back at twice a week for his ballet. Lucky he likes it. I'm such a novice - I saw a couple of events with the Australian Ballet that I thought might be a treat for him. A boys morning and a proper performance. Hannah would love that too but I don't know how she'd cope at a full scale gig and they are pretty expensive, little did I realise they also sell out like hot cakes! I've missed the boy gig which is a shame but his Nan and I will take him to La Syphalides. I hope he enjoys it. To be continued