Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fantastic Sea Creatures of Sydney

Setting out with Sally for a day at Sydney Aquarium
Kit did not believe that this was made out of Lego - he had to go up to it and see more closely
Lego Shark
A pose for Mum
Hannah and Turtle

I saw a lot of this:

With the Mermaid



Whale Tail

Lego Art
It was the first 'big day' where we didn't take a stroller for little brat. She coped very well. GOt carried on her Dad's shoulders a little and I carried her a bit too but overall she walked it. On the bus on the way home Kit fell asleep, she fell asleep and then DH nodded off too (not that he'll admit it!). When we got to our stop we managed to wake Hannah up and she walked all the way home - Kit was a different story and poor Phil had to carry him - all the way! This is one of her 'up!' photoes...
So as if dinner out last night wasn't enough - today the brats had lunch in a cafe in the QVB.
And now it is NYE and I have friends coming over for a BBQ and no idea what to cook Happy New Year!

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