Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cheer

One of the best things that I think we did this year was to write a letter in Hannah's voice to the whole school community. It meant that parents chatted at the dinner table about disability with their kids. It meant that more parents felt comfortable coming up to me and asking questions. I got a lot saying how wonderful it was to get the letter. The principal also commented on all the positive feedback she got to it. Still on its own it was just a prompt - it is the generosity of so many of the families we have met this year that made it work so well. So this week, when I couldn't go tot he school swimming carnival because it was on one of my work days - I was thrilled to receive a text from one of the mums in the afternoon - a photo of little brat looking like she was having a ball. The text said that she was 'too cute' and had had a ball. Later in chatting with that Mum she had obviously been helping to keep an eye on Hannah cos she aid at one point the little bugger decided to run - and that she knew she wasn't meant to because she kept looking back and grinning at her! little bugger. then that night - emails from a different Mum of the kids in the pool - and a comment that Hannah was too gorgeous and that she had 'swum like little fish'. Did I mention how happy we are with the school the twins attend? Imagine what we could achieve with even a little bit of government funding to help - cos good intentions only go so far - aid time and teacher training/release time should be what Hannah is entitled to.... but the lack of government funding jars with my Christmas cheer so I will leave that monster sleeping ... for now...

We have made some wonderful friends this year at Kindy. On Friday night a group of us met to farewell one of our families who will be moving interstate next year. We had a blast. the kids swam, played, watched Christmas movies and crashed. the parents chatted and played and eventually had a bit of a singalong (or perhaps 'caterwaul' is more appropriate!). It was lots of fun. DH and I feel very lucky with the other kids and their families that we have met this year.
The kids asleep on the loungeroom floor - while their parents partied outside...
While all the kids were sleeping...Hannah was slicking her hair back .... with hand soap
Hannah - pinching Kit's soccer boots

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