Monday, December 20, 2010


I have read a number of posts by anxious parents of young children with ds - we worry about he 'haircut' - there is clearly a stereotypical 'special needs' bowl cut that we all dread. Well I have to say - not with pride necessarily - that i worry about the fashion version of the haircut. Hannah has her won unique style - and there is no getting around it. It isn't inner city chic or even emo - it just is - it's sort of like her version of Hi5, or perhaps a junior 'baglady'. Either way - it is adorable and horrifying (well it could be!) all at once. She sure has a way with colour but I am not so sure that wearing a minimum of 5 tops and 3 bottoms is ever going to take off as a fashion trend. Hannah's style is definite. It is unique. It is ghastly and shocking and adorable all at once. There is a part of me that hopes it is ever so...
a Santa keyring gifted by my other sister is the favourite necklace 'du jour'

Hanging the crocheted bag that her aunty (my sister) made for her
focus amidst the chaos
At least they're not on the floor while she changes outfits
Dressed for Greased Lightening....
See what i mean?

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Michelle said...

I love that she has her own unique sense of style!! She's growing up so quickly too!