Wednesday, July 29, 2009


As I toy with the idea of another baby I ahve found myself drawn to the tonnes of baby pics I have taken since the twins were born ... I know whatever happens I have wonderful memories of my two beautiful babies.

High jinks

From standing on tall buildings and pulling at the branches of an overhanging tree to table top dancing - the twins have been in fine form today.

THings are getting back to normal here this week. Holidays are over. Swimming and music have resumed. So has Hannah's EI playgroup and tomorrow the brats are off to preschool and I have a full day teaching. We have had a great holiday. The kids loved having their cousins to stay. Last weekend was very busy with our annual turkeyfest on Sat followed by the twin's cousins all 3! getting baptised on Sunday. Dad came for a visit and has gone back to QLD tonight. I hope we all have a good term. It ends with the anniversary of Mum's death - I'd like to be with Dad as close to it as I can - I'll ahve to see what I can do.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Master Chef

MC Australia finished this week - we have been quite taken with it - it doesn't have the meanness of spirit that some other reality tv shows seem to have - this has been a fun competition where people share and develop passions related to food and cooking. Judges acknowledge the successes of the participants as well as pointing out their errors. My favourite was a young woman called Justine - she was one of the 6 finalists while Kit liked a rather greasy haired serious fello with a hat fetish called Chris - in fact he cried when Chris got eliminated.
Anyways all this tv viewing prompted the following anecdote -
On Saturday I made a delicious dinner of some sort. I had also bought ingredients for a simple meringue and cream dessert. After informing me that his dinner room was full but that he was ready for dessert - Kit set out and put together the dessert - with his own inevitable style. He was quite sure that Chris would like to see it and maybe even eat some one day - when he puts the recipe in his cookbook!!lol.
Chef at work
Photo for Chris

Park again...

Well we all survived - last week our family grew from 4 to 7 with my SIL's 3 children coming to stay for a few days. Theya re 10, 8 and 4. It was lots of fun and there were not many altercations at all - in fact I hope they come agian next holidays. We went to the park, walked to the local shops and got some gelato, and on the one windy day we took them to the local indoor playground/centre where they had a ball - 'we' being my ever wonderful MIL, who also took me to see the finalists in Opera Australia's Young Performers competition on Sunday night. That day we went and had lunch with friends who live in the same suburb - and who also have a daughter with DS - so yep - I'd ahve to say it was a good weekend.
It has been lovely here these school holidays. One fine Saturday we took the brats to the park again...

A stage is for dancing
I love you sweetie
Home in time for some dress ups before dinner

Monday, July 13, 2009


"devoted wife and mother ..."
Loved Forever. In God's Care Forever.

I am so proud of my Dad. Here is the photo (slightly edited) he sent me on Saturday afternoon - he said the lady from the cemetry where Mum is buried rang him at 3 - and I bet he was up there at 3.30 to check it out, take his photoes and send them through to his daughters. I sometimes watch him (he is staying with us usually for a week a month at the moment - which I love) and wonder - I can't imagine his grief. He loved my Mum since he was 16. They were thick as theives and rarely needed 'outsiders' for want of a better word - Mum was his best friend and he was hers. In a strange way I hope that one day I do find out how he's feeling though - the grief of a great love indeed - flawed and imperfect no doubt - but then that is what makes it great isn't it? He has marked her passing with grace and love and watches over her children with double devotion since she has gone. We will miss her forever but I know that Dad is counting on being with her again in the future.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


A queer lookin' rooster!

We all had a fun time at Toby's party today.

Sleep Study done

As part of giving Han the best opportunity to cope at school we had a sleep study done last week. I know she shows some of the signs - night sweatiness, snoring etc but have taken solace in the fact that most nights she sleeps pretty well. Well when we were at the study - she had the worst night I've ever seen. We haven't go the results yet. She was however very cute - and coped with all the paraphenalia they stuck on her - she still has the gummy residue on her - I am hoping that it will eventually come of if I bathe her often enough!