Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow Country

After visiting the nation's capital we drove down to skiing territory to meet up with another family from the kids's school. We stayed there for a week - by the last day there were 20 kids, 7 couples. It was a very fun and relaxing time. Plenty of exercise and activity for thrillseekers as well as space for some laying about relaxing in the lodge admiring the beautiful scenery of the grassy skislopes.

Hannah found it a bit overwhelming/tiring but was a total trooper as usual - I think she had a lot of fun - she didn't climb to the summit of Mt Kosiosko, the highest place on the continent above sea level but she explored the bushtracks, did some drawing, interacted with a whole bunch of kids and went swimming a couple of times. She has really made some strides - you should have seen her on the play equipment at Questacon and then at the local park near where we were staying. She was so proud of herself too the little brat. It is wonderful watching her confidence grow.
Sculpture walk - Dancing

 Finding the right track
 The tallest boy in Australia
 beauty of the bush
 It was windy on the summit walk
 Reflections in the duck pond
 Flying Fox - finally mastered
 climbing skills
 I conned Kit into accompanying me on a walk one afternoon. We admired the beautiful colours that we saw
 and this gorgeous gold - which had lined the road down too
 At the top

 this is the slide at the pool that Hannah loved going on with her father

 One of my pretties from my solitary walk
 The pool slide - internal shot
 more 'selfies'
It was a lovely holiday. It almost felt like being overseas again because we did so many things we don't usually do on our typical January beach holidays...it cost more too!!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Saffron's Blog about fabric design, quilting, craft and more

Saffron's Blog about fabric design, quilting, craft and more

Back from a glorious week at Thredbo - where the bush holds so many gorgeous colours - I just had to download a couple of quilting mags to read through during my downtime - and then to find this fantastic range of wombat fabrics after traipsing past wombat scats day in and day out! I have to save my pennies so I can buy some but my mind is buzzing with various quilting ideas that I am looking forward to working with.
I'll post some of our Thredbo colour pics - but not the wombat scat ones (!!) - Haha no I don't think I have any photos of wombat poo although we did take about 1000 photos of our time away from the Dock. It is lovely to be back home. Only 1 week till the brats and I are back at school....

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Canberra Part II

then we went to Manuka for dinner. The buffet breakfast at The Brassey Hotel was lovely and then we hit Questacon - the Science and Technology Centre. The kids loved it. It is so interactive. The staff were also very good in being able to use their discretion in allowing Hannah to get a ticket to theirs no science room. Technically it is strictly for 0-6 year olds but she is not incredibly big and developmentally she loved it. Watching her on the climbing equipment I enjoyed seeing how her confidence has bloomed - cos her 6 yo self would not have been able to do so agilely.

Now we are at Thredbo and it is 2 degrees. I am looking forward to some awesome nature walks and the company of some fine people who I am lucky to count as friends. They are families from the brats' school.

the nations capital

We met Phil at Bomaderry Stn and from there made our way to Canberra. it was 39degrees. The kids were reluctant but I was keen to visit the Taulouse-Lautrec exhibition at the national gallery. It was worth the bribery and consoling. The brats liked it too. Kit drew a gorgeous Eiffel Tower and Hannah loved the shadow box.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


well we are moving on to the next leg of our holiday. it's been great so far.

Friday, January 11, 2013

beach holidays

the twins and I have joined some very good friends for a mini break at the beach. we are having a blast. the brats are happy cos there are 2 fantastic teenagers who play with them and who they absolutely love and idolise and I get to kick back and chat with 2 of my favourite friends while watching the circus that is us around us.
It is therefore necessary for me to try my hand at mobile blogging.... we'll see how that one goes :D

as usual the kayak was a huge success but so was the $15 raft my friend has.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Summer heat

It has been very hot here lately and there are bushfires across the state. Yesterday the brats and I stayed home - except for a small excursion to the local shopping centre for school shoes and lunch. ONe way to keep cool - hang out in airconditioned centres and passionfruit flavoured slushies
Hannah was keen to dance like one of the baby swans in Swan Lake
She has been doing a little reading and sometimes more with me most days so on this day I gave my little swan the gift of a princess tiara after some lovely reading - so she could be Odette - the Swan Princess. She is also hoovering lemon sorbet - her favourite.
Despite the sweltering weather I did manage to finish off a quilt set I was making for Kit as well as the wallhanging he designed and made for himself. The pics aren't the best as I put it up in the spare room - will try and move it into his room next time I clean up in there!
The quilt top:
 Combined effect:
 Kit's wallhanging that he can also use as a lap quilt
 My first pillow case
 Over the Dr now...

Saturday, January 05, 2013


We had a lovely gathering at our place last night. Invite 2 families over and before you know it there are 12 mouths to feed. It was lovely.
Party frock:
and party fare: