Sunday, April 03, 2011

Fairies and Parties and Living Easy

I love this photo of Kit. He looks more like an angel than a space ranger!
Hannah loves craft. She is always making 'presents' for me or her father. Yesterday I was chatting to one of her friends from school. Claudia tells me that she sometimes helps Hannah make a cake on her ipad (cakedoodle) but that Hannah says they have to wait for me [so I am assuming it is a birthday cake for Mummy]. It sounds like after a bit the girls are allowed to 'eat' the cake regardless.
Sleeping twins
Hannah is really enjoying Dancing Hearts - her dance class for children with special needs. I can't go unfortunately but am lucky that her teacher is a mum at the twins school so I check in that way. For some children she prefers their parent or a volunteer to help out but luckily for me and Hannah Hannah is pretty self sufficient and needs little 'extra' support in this way. Lucky for us because I would hate for her to miss out on this opportunity. She goes to a regular dance school on Saturday but I can't see it lasting her that long - she won't be able to do what they want kids her age to do in a year or so at most. So this little class run by the goodwill of people like Hannah's teacher is very much appreciated. I am hoping it will allow her to pursue her passions and have a fun activity for years to come.
We took Hannah and Kit over the bridge to the more posh side of town for a Fairyland party yesterday. They and all the other kids there had a blast. In fact Kit told me when we got home that he'd like a Fairyland party for Hannah and his birthday this year. It is a place with rules that runs on a schedule. They start in the fairy garden where parents and photoes are allowed and then go upstairs to a fairy room for party games etc where parents and photoes are not allowed. Do you know how nice it was to just leave the twins (and one of their friends that we took with us)? I knew that Hannah would be fine. She would and could follow the other kids and enjoy herself - I didn't even do the 'she has DS, call me if you need to' talk. I am not sure if the party girl's Mum had or not - what I do know is that no 'extra' help was needed, beyond what you would do for any child to make them feel comfortable and part of the event. Lovely!
In the fairy garden
Hannah with her balloon puppy.
Only one week until the school holidays...when we'll be living it easy...

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Blog editor said...

Very nice photos. Kit looks so grown up in the first one - but yes, a grown up angel!