Monday, April 11, 2011

5 years old

Well, well, well it appears that the shamptons is 5 years old this month. The only reason I noticed this was because I decided to go back to my first year of posts and reread them - it was such a wonderful stroll down memory lane. I really must try and keep a copy of these posts for the twins to read one day. Sometimes I feel so silly - the things I write I wouldn't necessarily ever say in real life... then if a family member or someone I know in real life reads my blog I feel like an embarassed teenager who foolishly published her personal journal and was then surprised to see that someone she knows read other times the vanity that is me wonders why this isn't the most popular blog in the blogosphere - after all - how exciting is my life??? and aren't my twins just adorable!!

For a while the shams felt the blow that is fb. No fun memes anymore either... when I started there were a whole group of fantastic blogs - all of us with young kids with ds. There weren't many with older kids. Now I know a few with older kids with ds and some teens with ds with their own blogs - it is a more diverse collection of reading. It still has an important place. In the busy day to day the shams is a place I can come to and relax, and try and organise my thoughts, maybe do a little advocating on the side and overall gain a whole lot of worthwhile advice and share an awesome amount of joy with other people. I wonder what the place of the shamptons will be in another 5 years?

So - happy blogiversary to us and thank you to those kind enough to read sometimes too. Here's to the next 5 years....


Sharon said...

Wow 5 years. Congratulations Shelley, happy blogiversary to you!

Julie said...

Congratulations on 5 years Shelley. I usually always read every post, I find your life interesting. Its your space to let stuff out that maybe only you can understand fully, but for me I get a glimpse of life for a parent of a child with Ds. My little man passed away, so I don't get to actually parent him anymore. Thanks for letting me read.

Shelley said...

Thanks Sharon and Julie

I do love my little patch on the internet.
Julie - your comment made me cry. I hope that the shams helps you in some small way in remembering and celebrating your little boy.
I feel very blessed to be part of a wonderful group of women - special needs mamas - I think we are a pretty amazing group of women - mothers whose life has changed irrevokably because we have had the good fortune to love someone with down syndrome.

Michelle said...

happy blogiversary to you! I love that pic of the twins you posted w/this post - look how little they were! It's amazing watching our kids grow up through these blogs! Imagine where they'll be in 5 more years!

PS - I can't find you on FB ... mind sending me a friend request?