Friday, April 22, 2011

Suttons Beach

Yesterday was payday and as Dad had to wait for a tradesman I took myself off for a wee easter shop at the local shopping centre. I couldn't resist this Love 2 Dance dress for little brat. And she couldn't wait to try it on - and dance along to Hi5!
When the two boys are together Hannah gets left behind a lot. I even stooped to bribing them on Daniel's second day here - they could have their dses back after they played with Hannah. I am not sure it is a tactic I want to use regularly but seeing how much fun she had squealing and running about with them. I think it was ok as a last ditch effort. Her favourite games at the moment are duck, duck, goose and Hide and Seek. Needless to say Kit, Gra and I have also played a lot of these games.
Hannah and I drew a Hi5 for dancing on and then a swimming pool...followed by some digging in the sand for a tea party in honour of my birthday, complete with lolly bags.
I told little brat not to sample the salt water - but she went back for seconds...then had the nerve to complain to me on the way home that she had sand in her mouth!! A nice cool drink of milk fixed that.

Here Kit and his cousin Daniel are engaging in that timeless sport of children at the beach. They found a hermit crab and were helping to 'protect' him. Lol! I think we left before they'd killed him with kindness!

There has been quite a lot of this for Kit and his cousins. Daniel is one year older than Kit and they get on like a house on fire. SO Daniel has been over a few times for a sleepover and to play. I get themt o turn of the technology at various points in time and as you can see from the above pictures - it works a treat and they have a blast.

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Killing crabs with kindness indeed!

(And cousins!)