Thursday, April 28, 2011

Traps and cages

A mum posted a great bit on a DS forum about her son being 'trapped' - that is not being able to do what he wanted to with his 'typical' peers. It was lovely and it made me cry - but it is not mine to share...My reply is however all my own - here it is -

I remember talking to a 'new' Mum (I think Han was about 3?) and we had fun and she clearly could see how much joy Hannah brought to me and her Nan (my MIL was there!!), she could also see how 'normal' Hannah was ... so when she asked me whether the sadness 'went' I had to be honest - and say that I don't think it ever does. It hasn't for me yet. Our kids struggle - how is that not sad??? No parent wants to see things be so hard for their kid - and then on top of it society sucks at welcoming them!!!
But I could honestly tell her that the sadness gets less - and it definitely has for me - but there is a part of me that will always feel sad when my gorgeous girl, 'trapped', can't do the things she really wants to do. There is also that part of me that smiles with pride and enjoyment when the sports teacher says - that she has NEVER seen a kid try so damn hard to do a skill - as when my Hannah participates in sports lessons - cos yeah it sucks that it is so hard for her but how fantastic is it that noone else I know would just keep trying with such grace and dignity as my precious girl and your little man?

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