Tuesday, April 05, 2011


I sent an email to the partygirl's mum - just thanking her for a great afternoon. I mentioned how great it was to just drop Hannah off and not have to let the staff etc know that she had Down Syndrome - for the first time! Here is her reply:

Thank you so much for your beautiful email Shelley. Since the start of
Kindergarten Axxx has always said that Hannah is her best friend.

Just between you and I, when Axxxx was putting together her party bags
she made sure to gave Hannah and Kit the best gifts. If you still have the
silver boxes, you will see the no. 2 and no. 3 sticker underneath, the no.
1 sticker went to Axxx (of course) for her own party bag. As for
everybody else it was random.

How sweet is that? Axxx Mum is lovely too... I am sure it helps cos the parents of Hannah's friends really support their children in including Hannah in their lives.

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Sharon said...

I love it! Very sweet. Good to hear you are enjoying the holidays, we still have one week to go.