Thursday, April 28, 2011


I am a staunch republican but who can resist:
a ritual such as a wedding with lots of frills and tassels and pomp and circumstance?
the marriage of Princess Diana's son?
history i the making?
Here is my royal stash - and of course I will be making royal sandwiches and attending an all female soiree in honour of the wedding of Kate and WIlls.

It was lovely to see Hannah and one of her cousins hit it off:

Well we are all back in the Sydney after our 'roadtrip' to Brisbane. The twins went back to school yesterday and I went back today. Easter was lovely up north with my family. It was also good to be home though. Here are some pics:These two boys are only 1 year apart - but they rarely see each other - and yet they pick up the threads of a friendship bond that I am in awe of. Cousins.

Practising her dance moves

My great niece
At the park near Dad's
My talented niece, her mum and in the painting my parents.
New Italy was on our roadtrip home - I think I was the most excited of all of us. After all we live in Little Italy in Sydney and the twins learn Italiano at school and lots of their friends have Italian backgrounds. It was too good an opportunity to ignore.
Rather than take photoes of the long line of trailing cars backed up at Buladelah - about a hour to travel 15 kms!! I took this shot of the skies that would soon be dark and drizzling with rain - in the same traffic jam. We were so glad to make it home in one piece!!

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