Monday, April 04, 2011

Hannah's family - and her glasses

After the visit to the opthamologist last week I called in at the shops. Hannah really didn't want to go but I had to get a couple of things. We were at a toy shop looking for a gift to take to the Fairy party when Hannah spied the DOrothy the dinosaur costume. She wanted it. I gave in - and then of course she wanted to wear it right away. 'Now Mummy' so we got the the car and given the synthetic material and her long sleeve top and the heat I took her glasses off, placed them on the roof and took her top off before helping her to put the costume on. Then I drove off to get Kit from his friend's house. I was just about to pull up outside the local butcher to grab something for dinner - wut to no avail. Then I looked around and saw that Hannah did not have her glasses on and then I remembered. Well the air turned blue and round we went back to retrace our steps from the shopping centre car park. No luck. I was buggered. You wouldn't think that waiting around all day at the eye doctor would do that but Hannah and I were both tired. And I was stressed - those glasses aren't cheap. I got the specsrus from the US that are meant to be designed with the facial shapes of down syndrome in mind. Other parents swore by them and we had found them to be great too.

I got home and rang all the optomertirists in the centre as well as centre management but to no avail. Specsavers were the most helpful taking my details and promising to ring if anyone did hand them in.

The next day I was driving to work and realised half way there that I still had the kids spare car seats in the back as well as their change of clothes for after school soccer training and dance - which I was meant to drop off at my inlaws in the morning. Yet another crap day I figured. Lucky for me my HOD generously offered to take one of my classes so I wouldn't have to rush so much to take the seats to the twin's grandparents. That night when I got home I saw that Hannah wasn't wearing the spare pair of glasses that i had sent her to school in. She had lost them at school - so then we had no glasses left for her.

She is so good about wearing them so I am guessing it was related tot he fact that I had lost a pair yesterday...Her teacher had written me a note to say that they had gone missing int eh infants classroom and that they hadn't been able to find them but would look again the next day. Phil and I both nagged the little brat so that when we asked what she was going to bring home from school the next day she'd say 'my glasses'. And bring them home she did. When I asked her if her teacher had found them she said no 'all my friends'. In fact the little girl we drove to the fairy party on the weekend told us she had found them buried under a tree. She said that Hannah hadn't done that. Still I took the little brat to specsavers and got her 2 for the price of 1 new glasses - just to be sure. {Edited to add: Today another mother spoke to me about the glasses - her son told her that another little boy D was responsible for burying Hannah's glasses. Now I know this little boy and he has a bit of a rep for being 'lightfingered' shall we say? Anyway I felt bad cos I blamed Hannah when it clearly was not all her fault. The teacher hasn't mentioned anything beyond that they were found. I might have a word to her - only because I don't want her to think of it as being Hannah's fault in losing them...she probably knows already with kids being kids - if they told their parents one of them probably told the teacher}

At the year 1 mum's lunch I was chatting to the mother of one of Hannah's friends. Kit and I talk about being on Hannah's team. Well this Mum said her son and another little girl talk about who in their school is part of Hannah's family. The same principle I gather as Hannah's team. This mum also said that her son reports one little boy being quite mean to Hannah. She didn't name names but did say that she had given her son permission to 'push back' if he came picking on Hannah again. There is a part of me that is unhappy that someone is being mean to her - they are such a great bunch of kids and so supportive of Hannah that you'd have to be crazy to do it really - but there is another part of me that is so proud of her friends because I know they would stick up for her, and of Hannah too because I think she has some good protective behaviours to help her manage the small stuff. I will ask my friend again next term if her son reports anymore incidents.

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