Sunday, April 10, 2011

Can Do!

It's autumn and holidays have just begun. I love the 'can do' feel - like we are going out for lunch today and I have made the rainbow jellies and am planning on making a persimmon pudding too. Last night we had 2 curries complete with Naan (Hannah's favourite bread). I have 2 quilts to get done by Wed, some school work due then too, a bunch of other stuff booked in - like getting new tyres for the car, lunch with friends, dinner with other friends, ST for Hannah, a playdate for Kit while Hannah is at ST...and yet I still have that 'can do' feel.
Dads and daughters went to Hi5 yesterday - cos my girlfriend and I didn't want to go. They had a blast. Phil says Hannah was a bit overwhelmed at first (it has been a while since she has been to a concert) but then settled quickly. I asked if she and her friend did much dancing (cos they did heaps at the Wiggles last year) but he said mostly they sat transfixed by it all. tHere had been some gags about the dads popping into the pub before the show for a beer and one of them (not Phil!lol) ogling the young blondes in the band but in the end it seems no beer was drunk and the only ogling was Hannah announcing loudly that Tim was "My boyfriend'. She was obviously very tired from all the excitement though. She also brought home a heap of Hi5 paraphenalia some of which will be going up on the walls of the twins' newly clean room.

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Hooray for the clean room!

Hannah has taste, I should think.

Hope the can do feel stays with you.