Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good news

With a friend
Pass the parcel
THings have returned to a semblance of equilibrium here in the Dock. Our great friends from around the corner have signed on a property about 4 blocks away - so not as close as before but thankfully still in area!!! Yay!!!! My dad has finally sold his place in brisbane and is glad to have a bit of freedom I think.

Hannah's opthamologist was happy with her today - so no going back there for 12 months. Things at school have settled down a bit and I am feeling a whole heap better about the way things are going - of course I want more but I think genuine stpes have taken place in the right direction.

One of the boys the twins have known since childcare had a party at a park near school last Friday - and cos I work I couldn't take them (they go to after school care usually) but Ss Mum offered tot take them - she has 4 of her own and while you might think that means she has enough on her plate - to me it meant she had the big car to cope and she is one Mum who has offered to take Hannah in the past - she isn't particularly worried about having her and how 'different' it might be - so I took advantage - and the twins went.

By the time I arrived the party was in full swing and not that far off being over. My friend was a bit put out cos she barely got a chance to 'mother' Hannah - her friends from Year 1 took over! Indeed when I got there I had at least 4 little kids eager to tell me every mishap that had befallen her - from her best friend accidentally spilling his chocolate milk all over her at school, another little boy getting juice on her skirt at the park and someone else had knocked her over on some piece of play equipment - all these messages delivered whilst I was looking at one very happy little girl totally at home in her surrounds and with her peers - it was a magical moment.

A couple fo the mums know how hard I have found things recently - they wanted to know how things were progressing - and a coupe offered to write letters to relevant authorities if I wanted - if I thought it would help. Have I mentioned that one of the lessons I have learnt these couple of years - is how Hannah is my gift to our community. People are looking for opportunities t help, to connect, to care - and Hannah gives them that in spades - with a very sweet return in her love and friendship.

Tomorrow is her special needs dance class which she is so excited about, chess club in the am and soccer in the afternoon for Kit. Life sure gets busy - I can't wait for the holidays. Also today I rang the pool about classes for Hannah next term. I'd love her to be int he special needs class (1 on 1) but there never seems to be a vacancy. Still - the coordinator swapped instructors and capped the class - just because I rang to draw her attention to the fact that Hannah had a different teacher next term when I think the one she had this term was great.
Sorry for the lack of photoes - the brats have a fairy party on the weekend - I'll see what i can do to improve the situation.

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