Friday, January 14, 2011


The waiting Charm Princess
Last week when Kit had sleepover at his cousins Hannah waited impatiently at our front door waiting for her father to come home. She and the poodle made such a tragic pair that I videoed them. A couple of nights ago while I was making dinner Hannah started insisting that she wanted to go to Nan and Pop's for dinner now. We arranged for her to do so the very next day. Her Nan would pick her up and then one of us go get her. Well she was beside herself with excitement most of the day. I had totally forgotten that she had a ST session that morning - lucky it was a home visit one! At first she was quite thrown and saying "No, Hannah .. Nan and Pop's house". Once she realised she would still be going to her grandparents later on she was more compliant. My MIL rang to say she would be here in about an hour. To fill in the time Hannah got ready in stages: dress; shoes; hair like the heroine in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs;
shoes (again)...and then I couldn't think of much else to distract her with so she waited at the door....

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