Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'm a diversity junkie - I love it. Like everything though it comes with challenges...the front page of my paper had me close to tears as I stared at the person int he red vest - out in raging flood waters trying to save people's lives in Toowoomba. The article mentioned a semitruck driver who parked his truck so that a car was prevented from washing away and he threw a rope to the female driver of the car so she could get to safety - such human acts of heroism always move me - I think that humans are totally awesome.
Then on page 3 a coroners inquest into the drowning of a little girl with Rett syndrome. The question being considered is whether her death was accidental or deliberate. The father is quoted as having said to a DoCS worker "I can't cope with it," "We are two hippies living in a house, playing guitar. This is out of range." The child was going into foster care but the drowning incident happened a week before. I'm not suggesting the parents were involved in her death - that is up to the coroners court(!) - and I think that they did the best thing if that was their reaction by placing the child in foster care - giving her a chance to having some loving carers...but I can't help but feel sad at the contrast between the front page action and the third page attitude...life is rarely simple...

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