Monday, January 03, 2011

Art Gallery

Phil often says to me that I should 'go out' (mostly cos he often does!) but I don't really like going out at night that much - but today I agreed that he could drop me in at the art gallery and I'd bus it home - planning a whole afternoon just on my own to replenish my spirit of self. It was great (even though we realised midway through that he actually had a bbq to go to that same afternoon!). it just meant that I lingered at the art gallery and didn't also walk into the city to a cafe for a cuppa and a bit of browsing. That didn't worry me because the main reason I went was to see the exhibition 'art and soul' - and it was worth it - so much so that I went fro broke and bought the tv series dvd that goes with it as well.
The first emperor is exhibiting at the art gallery - queues were very long to get in - I simply went to browse at the shop while I was waiting to get picked up - and couldn't resist buying this paper-cut. Still when people ask me about twins or if someone says 'double trouble' I am ready to counter with the saying given to me by a Chinese woman I used to work with - said at t a time when my pregnancy was pretty stressful - it was a welcome relief to hear her describe it as 'double happiness' - so when I saw this even though I couldn't really afford it - I bought it. Isn't it beautiful?

Kit loved the warrior excavation kit i got him - he very carefully unburied an infantryman.

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