Friday, January 07, 2011


I had to go into work for the day this week. Kit has been dying to have a sleepover at his cousins place so I organised it to coincide with my working day. Hannah clearly told us that she did not want a sleepover there. So alternative arrangements were made for little brat. The night without Kit she thought she was Christmas - sitting up between her father and I for movie night. We had popcorn (as she demanded) then I made us a mushroom tart and finally hannah insisted on making dessert - so she served us strawberries and icecream with a jelly snake on top. At first she chose Ben 10 for movie night but I put my foot down on that one and once she realised I was serious she changed her choice to Bee Movie which was fine by me.
After the movie she negotiated to sleep in our bed - with me - with 'Daddy, my bedroom" as the little bugger said. Once we were all settled for the night - we slept in until 8.15 the next day - unheard of when Kit is in residence when 7.30 is a great sleep-in!!

The next day I had arranged for my girlfriend's daughter (who is 14 now!) and Hannah's best friend to come and look after her for me. Well R arrived at 8.30 ready to go and Hannah was just as excited to have her friend all to herself. She was quite keen for me to leave them to it. R's mum was home sick - later that day when I was chatting to her she told me this story:

Karen rang the house to see how R and Hannah were going. Hannah answered the phone with 'Hello'. My friend said "Hi Hannah it is Aunty Karen here. Is R there?" to which apparently little brat said "yes". My friend then asked to speak with her daughter. Hannah then said quite clearly "No we are playing." and - hung up!!! The little horror. My friend said she then rang back and this time spoke a bit more firmly - with a "Hi, it's Aunty Karen here. Can you get R for me?" to which the evil child said "no" and hung up again!! At which point my friend rang her daughter on the mobile. Our chat was about how clear her speech was in the conversation more than the naughtiness of the behaviour... which I have to say I thought was very funny. Naughty sure but also very funny - maybe that's what the red hair can be blamed for....

Still the day was a success and I think R will agree to mind the little bugger again for us should the need arise.

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Sharon said...

I love it! Sort of slightly naughty I guess, but so so cute!