Monday, January 24, 2011


Can you see the little figure in white in the photo above? Well that is a little fellow who's Mum I was stalking - he is nearly 4 and his family was holidaying near ours down south. One of my friends came back to the house and commented that they'd seen a little boy with DS down at the beach. they'd chatted but not about the DS - she said she didn't know how to broach the subject so chatted about other things - like the whether and wetsuits. My advice - was to go for it - just say something about the redheaded brat that we have 'back at the house' on this occasion - and go from there. Especially if the little fellow was as young as she thought (18 -24 months). Of course he was older ... our kids have access to the fountain of youthful good looks - lucky them!
Anyways there is no stopping a special needs Mama on a hunt and surely enough I found them - and had a lovely chat to his Mum. He sure was a cutie.

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