Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Acts in the Garden

I got yet another treat this week. By chance my MIL had a spare ticket to a matinee at the Ensemble. The ENsemble is a small theatre on the north side of town, near Luna Park. It was a one man show - by the 'dentist' from Mother and Son (Heaven help me I still can't remember the guy's name other than Harry!). Anyways - it was a lovely trail of vignettes - began with a speech from King Lear to his daughters, traversed the issues of racism, global warming and what is is to be an actor. In part of it he spoke of Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie - and so began my interest in DH - so on the trip home I decided that we'd have a Dustin Festival in the Dock. Do you know how many good movies that man has been in? I haven't seen them all, there are a number that I have heard of and not seen (like All the President's Men). So the first movies off the rink (depending upon availability at our local video store are :The Graduate, Kramer v Kramer, Tootsie and Death of a Salesman. THen I googled and the list at least doubled! We watched The Graduate last night - and it was great - better than I remembered - funny, arty, quirky... and it lead us to sit up late playing S&G records - which has to be a good thing. And then there is Willy and Biff, "a man is not a piece of fruit". I haven't seen that for years - certainly not since I had Hannah and learned about Danny Miller...
While I was at the theatre, Phil took the twins to a garden centre to revamp our vege patch. When I got home they planted their treasures...

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Hi, the Dentist-player-on-TV's name is Henri Szeps.

Isn't he a great comedian?

And I love the idea of the King Lear speech!

"A man is not a piece of fruit!"