Saturday, January 15, 2011

It Begins with Awareness.

It Begins with Awareness.

I love Kelle's blog. I visit regularly though I rarely comment - she gets so many comments already - because her Enjoying the Small Things is just so beautiful. This link is rated TE - Tissues Essential. The only thing I'd add is something that a good friend of mine has reiterated over and over as we searched for a school for Hannah - a point now that I think I have actually started to really and truly accept (as opposed to sort of accepting). Our kids - are gifts - not just to us (I knew that!) but to the communities we share them with. When I send my most precious and vulnerable daughter out into the world I do so knowing that she is strong, her spirit bright and her gifts enormous. I have learnt to trust that others will accept the responsibility of looking after this gift - just as I as Hannah's Mum have learned to.

I posted in Mainstream Musings just the other day a Review of our first year of formal schooling. In it I mentioned a letter, written in Hannah's voice, that went out to every family in the school. It was in many ways our family's offering - our gift tot he families of the school, the opportunity of welcoming Hannah into their lives. With that gift comes responsibilities. They have risen to the call with generosity of spirit and openness of hearts. They enjoy it. Yes I think there are plenty of people in our area who would agree that they have been blessed with my redheaded brat. It was me who had to learn to trust a bit more.

I should also add that given the devastation of floods here - I am not posting this link in Aus as a call to donate (although if anyone wants to go for it!) but simply cos the message from Kelle and all the people in it are a gift - a gift that is too hard to refuse.

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