Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beach Holiday

We went down the south coast for a week. We'd rented a holiday house across the road from the beach with 2 other families.

The first day we arrived at our holiday house was a gloriously sunny afternoon. We hurried down to the beach. The twins raced into the water - all was peaceful and fresh. Phil was pulling Hannah along the waters edge on her new skim disk and she was loving it when she lost her balance and went face first into the hard sand. One of her top front baby teeth was knocked out. Once we realised we raced to get it back but the sea ate it up. Little brat was quite shaken so I carried her back to the house for the clean up. Her father was feeling very bad but it is just one of those things. The tooth net tot he lost one was wobbly. We hoped that it would not follow suit. It seemed as if it wasn't that wobbly - it would be touch and go...
Possums came up on deck at night searching for snacks

Kit learned to catch a wave on his boogieboard
Hannah found this green sack and turned into a caterpillar
This bream was caught and cooked for dinner
We saw dolphins swimming past
We went on bush walks and played at the park.

There was beach cricket, boy races the length of the beach, hermit crab races and noughts and crosses to play on the beach. Hannah made a million cakes and raced me into the waves over and over again...
Late one afternoon, a few hours after she'd had a chocolate icecream, Hannah lost another tooth...my girl is very gummy now - she comes at you mouth wide with excitement and al you can see is pink gum!
We played board games: family trivia; the Margaret and David Movie Game (I was Margaret!); Uno; Pairs (or memory game) Bookworm (on ipad/ipod); MarioKart (DS) and Hannah's favourite - Thomas Snakes and Ladders.
This is simply a random photo I took on our last day. One of the things that struck me watching the people on the beach and in the water was how colourful everything is at the beach. Maybe it is cos I am so used to living in the city where black is the go with everything colour preference. People at the beach had a rag tag collection of pieces - often mismatched but somehow they work against the tawny green backdrop of the national park and the sandy white colour of the beach and the waves. GThere were flashes of pink, green and orange, striped red and white beach umbrellas and yellow buckets and spades. A rainbow of colours...
When we got home I felt tired but refreshed - cleaned out the kitchen cupboards from top to bottom as I put away the leftover holiday goods. The kids played with their toys and pottered about. Finally I popped down to our local shops. Hannah had been asking to go tot he shops for quite a while so I took her with me. Sometimes I think the only reason she wants to come tot he shops with me is to have a sleep - and sleep she did. She was knackered!
The next day I went in search of the lego that Hannah had been demanding to buy with the cash from the tooth fairy. I couldn't afford the $100+ airplane that she wanted but I did find this seaplane. She and I made it together - it is a great little kit.

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