Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hannah has a fever today. It meant that she had a fit this morning - unlike her rpevious ones - this time her arms were stiff and her eyes stayed open and staring (as opposed to rolling back in her head) like she was trying hard not to 'lose it'. It breaks my heart - she came out of her bedroom to me in the lounge - I was sitting on the chair waiting for her to come for a cuddle, when she reached me her voice went wobbly and I could hear the distress in her voice (again) and then she was fitting. I managedt o stay a little calmer this time. I checked the clock as I left the lounge area so I could see how long it lasted for - yelled at DH in the shower so he knew what was happening and took her into our room - to lay on the bed in the recovery position. All the while trying to reassure the poor baby. It didn't lst very long at all and although she was a bit tired she didn't go to sleep. She refused to eat or drink so in the end I resorted to Hydrolyte in a syringe - that worked thank goodness - I simply told ehr it was 'medicine' - she is sucha good girl about things like that.

In other news an old school friend of ours had a farewell party on the weekend - ti was lovely - we really enjoyed catching up with the 'old school gang' and meeting some of his partners friends too - He is off to Vietnam to live for 6 months - in an attempt to learn the language - his partner escaped to Aust from Vietnam years ago now. She is just lovely so it was good to catch up with them. hannah had a ball - and she spent quite a lot of time 'cooking' - here she is 'cooking' with my goddaughter...

The twins have had a few school parties to attend too. We went to one on the weekend where there was a magician. The twins loved it. It was at S's house - and both twins really like him - he has been in LDC with them and now they go to the same school which is nice.

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Michelle said...

that first pic is such a beautiful pic of Hannah! sorry she's sick; hope she's feeling better now!