Thursday, March 11, 2010


The twins just love lego. They play with the large duplo for ages on end - Hannah especially still loves it. Kit ismore into 'little lego'. He saves up his money and gets kits as well as his parents indulging him. I bought them both a Toy Story kit for Hannah's recuperation from T&A surgery. It is a bit hard for her - the fine motor skills can be a little challenging as well as the concept of following an instruction book - but she gets the idea and her father is fantastic and patient with her - just last week they built the buzz car together.

One of my nephews foolishly showed Kit on the lego site where you can custim make your own lego - design it - submit it and you receive a 'presonalised' lego kit complete with instructions. It costs a bomb!!!! We have told Kit - one a year if he is really good - I have to say I think it was worth it - a wonderful father son activity that brought him so much joy - and teaches him skills.

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