Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pre Easter Update

Just cruisin'. This was taken last week - before DH bought me a fantastic 2nd hand slr camera - I can't wait to play around with it...
Both kids have found the new routine tiring - I love this picture of my strapping boy - I wonder how much longer before he drops all those beautiful little boy traits he has? he has always loved a cuddle toy in bed - unlike Hannah who loves playing with dolls but at bedtime puts them all down at the bottom of her bed.
Things have been going well here - although poor old Hannah has a nasty ear infection - lucky the stubborn discharge - met with her ENT today (rather fortuitous timing)so hopefully the drops we now have will help banish the infection.

School is going well - both brats are enjoying it. Kit is now signed up to a local soccer club which I think he will like and all going well Hannah may even move up a grade at swimming for next term.

As we approach Easter I have been thinking about hte best way to explain it to Kit - he is old enough now to notice the crucifixion and I don't want to freak the little man out - lucky I found a book by Brian Wildsmith called The Easter Story (published by Oxford Uni Press) that is beautifully illustrated, and faithfully told in a way that is appropriate for younger children - they can relate to the 'little donkey' who journeys throught he easter story with them. Lovely - Highly recommended.

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