Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day

Hannah is feeling better although she still has a definite cough and some tightness around her chest - especially at night. On Friday we had the traditional 'movie night' which the brats love. This week's viewing was the new Astroboy movie - Hannah LOVES astroboy.

Afterwards neither child wanted to go to bed - so to delay the inevitable they wanted to watch the special features - one was on how to draw Astroboy. The guy said to draw 4 circles one under the other for proportion - so cirlce one became his head and circle four his legs.

Kit was fascinated by this - and straight away wanted to draw. They watched the bonus feature once more and then Kit sat at the bench and drew a pretty good Astro following the principles the animator ahd outlined. Hannah bear then got her act together - and without any prompting she too drew teh 4 circles exactly as had been demonstrated. Her overall Astro had a few more loops and curls but still - a really good impression - and I really would not have expected her to 'get' the 4 cirlces that quickly without any other instruction or help. GOod Girl - we love you sweetie!! Happy World DS day. In honour of Hannah and other's wonderful 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome I am going to be doing some uni work (eek) buying hot cross buns after church and making chocolate pudding for dessert. Have a great day everyone.


Cathy said...

so happy Han is feeling better sorry I am reading just didn't post was praying for her


Adelaide Dupont said...

I'm sure the kids had great fun drawing Astro Boy!

Michelle said...

Happy WDSD to you and Hannah! and that's great about her drawing!