Friday, March 19, 2010

Good News Bad News

I spent about 5 hours from go to wo yesterday taking hannah to the paed - she ahd the worst night I have seen in a LONG time poor darling. I slept in clothes in case we needed to rush to the hospital - but we had taken her to the GP taht afternoon and had a plan to help her through the night and I had an appointment with the paed the next morning.

The appointment was about an hour late and began with the Dr using his best patient gentle voice saying "So which hopsital would you prefer I try adn get her admitted into?" Because he thought she had croup/pnuemonia. Thankfully by the end of our appointment he said that while shw was in pretty poor condition he thought that if I included steroids witht he anti biotics that she was on from the day before and kept her quiet for a few days she should be ok. He also said that I could ring him with my concerns that afternoon and asked that we call him the next day to let him know how she was going. Thankfully although she still had a coughing fit at 4am and nearly choked yesterday afternoon cos she coughed while eating spagetti - she is clearly 'on the mend'. Today she is not doing ehr usual Sat activities of music and Rainbow Club which she LOVES but I am hoping that if we keep her quiet all weekend she might be ready for school next week. Everything there is going so well - I really don't want her to 'get out of routine'.

So the good news? Besides the lack of hospitalisation is that when I described the seizure Hannah ahd on Tues morning - he said that it sounds definitley like a febrile seizure and the way I described it means that he is fairly confident that she is growing out of these seizures. Halleluia - cos those are hard to cope with. I wasn't expecting that piece of good news and just thinking about it still makes me smile. Fantastic!

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Dovic said...

Fantastic indeed :)

I didn't realise she'd had febrile seizures. I hate them. Great news to hear she is on the mend too.

Give her a squish for us xx