Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Favourite - a milestone

It is 2 in the morning and here I am...listening to Hannah snore - something I haven't heard since her T&A last month. She has
been restless at various times from midnight, to one o'clock. At one thirty she handed me her medicine cup which was beside the bed I am sharing with her while she is sick. She wasn't allowed more panadol until 2. SO I made up some gastrolyte and gave her a dose hoping that would distract her then at about 10 to I cracked and gave her panadol. Now she is sleeping - well except that she just popped up with a big smile when she saw the computer on the bed!!! Best go - the favourite milestone was tonight at some point we were talking about favourite foods and instead of saying 'Hannah' in the third person when pasta was mentioned she said "My favourite". I think that is worthy of a post - another milestone ticked off.
She has another habit at the moment - if I say she is a cheeky monkey or a silly sausage (I don't say that one - but you get the idea) she always says "no,..Hannah". which I love to hear.


Adelaide Dupont said...

She probably feels more like herself than like a thing now.

Michelle said...

that is a great milestone! Kayla still uses third person probably more than she does first person!