Thursday, March 25, 2010

Distant Stars

A friend recommended I read Colin Cotterill's books - in particular DIsco for the Departed. I read the coronors lunch because that is the one I could get - and enjoyed it. I bought another and loved it. Now I have read all of them - I had to get my local bookstore to order the last 2 in for me - 33 teeth (which I am reading now) and Disco for the Departed.

From a DS perspective Disco is a great read. For mine - I loved this line in 33 teeth "When you befriend a man whose mind lives on a distant star, you deserve whatever you get."

The stories are in the genteel style of my much loved Agatha Christies - full of gentility. The setting is Laos. The main character Dr Siri is a rather sexy old commie - the national coronor - and shaman of sorts. The stories are lovely, funny, awful, wry, tender, brutal - and for those of us with a special interest in DS - I don't believe there is a one of us that will be unhappy with Mr Cotterill's portrayal of Mr Geung the lab assistant. Lovely stuff. If you don't have your holiday reading organised - I'd recommend these.

Check out his great website - - it's linked in the title too.

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