Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Here is a tribute to creativity. With all our sameness as humans in this world I am awed by the differences we can find in our creative selves. Here is a tribute to the twins' creativity - it's awesome.

This morning they were both busy 'working' making 'books' where they staple some sheets of paper together and then draw/write/paste inside - whatever tey want really, with great focus and attention. Once that was done Kit decided that his teddy bear Patrick needed a backpack to take his new book in - when he went to 'school' - so all on his own he 'made' a backpack for his bear. Hannah then of course wanted one for her doll but it was time to leave for school so we convinced her to make do with one of her many 'shopping bags'. As I was backing out of the driveway everyone's backpacks in the boot - I said that I'd make sure Patrick took his backpack to his school - Kit agreed but then felt he needed to clarify with "If you really took him there ...they wouldn't know what to do. He is just a teddy bear and doens't really go to school Mum" - Lovely - do you think he'll be looking out for me when I am older - making sure I dont' embarass myself by not knowing the difference between reality and pretence??
Hannah and Kit LVOE craft - Kit is so industrious - he is always 'busy' creating. Yesterday I kept hima thome from school because he had been sick the night before and by the afternoon when he felt better he decided to 'make' astroboy from blocks.
The flowers I had at my wedding 16 years ago are blooming still in my garden - they cought my fancy this morning...

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