Friday, January 29, 2010

I didn't cry!!

The brats had a great first day of school. It was the same day as the fed gov released its MySchool website - where parents could look up the basic testing results for each school and compare these to the state average and to so called 'similar schools'. This morning's paper (in the public interest) printed 'leauge tables' of all our schools - ranking them all - big deal!! The enthusiasm and care and preparation for kindy that I saw yesterday confimrmed our choice for me well and truly.

Hannah was more excited than Kit at first (he was more anxious) so she got her school uniform on quite early even though they didn't start till mid morning. Their Nan and Pop met us at the gate to take pics of the big day (and they ahve rung both evenings to hear about their progress). In the room there were lots of playstations set up - the kids took out their morning tea and hat and found their 'baskets' before finding something to do. Hannah was happily at the playdoh table and Kit - found the one boy he knows from LDC (who was crying) together with a teacher they were at a computer - trying to calm S down.

Reports were all good in the afternoon - although I am sure the teachers must ahve been almost as tired as the kids!! I couldn't imagine the level of energy and patience that Kindy would require. The brats were home and in bed by 7 - an hour earlier than they ahve been going to sleep lately. Kit was so tired he could hardly tell us about their first day - I have never seen him so lost for words.

In between dropping them and picking them up - DH and I went to a local cafe for lunch - very nice indeed.

Friday seemed to be ok - the teachers looked a bit tireder (if that's a word!!) - well more tired anyway! Hannah had a toilet accident but that was sorted and she was quite bubbly walking out to the playground holding the teacher's hand. Today Kit started being a bit more teary than usual - clearly still adjusting - but this afternoon - he is fine - he has had a good day - both have finally been able to get their hair cut (yay!! No more nits). Hannah was very excited to be going to Rainbow CLub - it is her father daughter activity that she loves and she gets to see some of her favourite people their - particualrly 2 kids she went to EI with that she loves.

Monday is her last day at school for at least a week - T & A happens on Tuesday. Dh is staying home with her once I am back at work. Let's hope it all goes well and she bounces back quick - I have tins of spaghetti - her favourite - to motivate her to keep eating.


Cate said...

so so fantastic! I'm so glad it's going well. they will love it, I'm sure. and I agree, I am in awe of the teachers who do it. so much energy!

daytime lunch dates! woohoo!

fingers crossed for the surgery to go well. it's always something, isn't it?

Michelle said...

I'm glad it was an overall great start to the school year (despite Kit's anxiety)!
Praying for Hannah's surgery and recovery!