Thursday, January 21, 2010

More holidays

We took the kids to the Powerhouse Museum on the weekend - it was a big hit - especially this lit up rubics cube in the 80s exhibition.
That's how it feels - like I have yet more holidays - and it's a great feeling! I love these summer holidays - they are one of the best things about teaching. After a lovely week by the sea we have been home for just over a week and it has been busy - but full of different activities. I had booked in a bit of therapy for Hannah as she won't get any now until March - she needs time to settle into school before ST recommences. OUr ST is wonderful and the school have been positive about Hannah being withdrawn for 30 minutes each week. I felt this was the minimum level of therapy that was acceptable given communication is her weakest area and because she is coping with speech delays that result from DS and also (we think) dyspraxia.

The local pool has a special needs swiming teacher but her lessons are individual and always booked out - now I know why. She finally rana 3 day programme this week - adn I booked Hannah in - 30 mins each day. Hannah worked harder than ever before in the pool and had an absolute blast. It was great to see her improve her strength. Unfortunately she can't get into this teacher's classes during school term - that dreaded waiting list however they have capped her mainstream class at 3 which I am very glad about. I spoke to the swim coordinator - I wanted to let her know that I was pleased the class was capped and also mention that Hannah had her seizure just after swimming last lesson - a little part of me is hoping it might bump her up the wait list. I'll trey and ring the coordinator again to emphasise that when a spot becomes available I would really like her to be in the special needs programme. She attends rainbow club (swimming for kids with disabilities) too which I really like however I see it as being important for socialising and fun as well as learning. At her local pool it is really about her health and muscle tone - she likes being in a group with other kids but I feel it is more important that she is learning to swim.

She has also had her last two sessions of OT and 2 ST sessions as well. Needless to say she has been rather tired!! On Monday I also took them to visit a friend and her two kidddies on the other side of town - and we took them all to the park, then on Tuesday I took her to meet another friend and her 2 at a local indoor play centre. Fri night we have a family dinner on. I think it has been quite good though - it has settled her into a routine of sorts which I think will make adjusting to school a little easier for her next week.

Sounds like DH is home and as I don't relaly have any news I'll say g'night for now...

Next morning....

ALl this activity must be affecting Kit. He has had 2 accidents in 2 days because he was 'too busy playing' and then last night - wet bed. Yikes! THat is not great at all. I was going to go to a DSDU meet up today but think I'll keep 'em home for a quiet one.

Otherwise he has been going great guns. He loves making presents for people. Yesterday morning he got up first then Hannah - and I could hear them out at the kitchen bench drawing and cutting - he made a little present for me and wrapping paper for it too and a snowflake for his father - which he left beside our pillows. he madea paper omnitrix which he also wrapped for Hannah and then proceeded to explaint hat she could have it after swimming. When swimming was over he was keen to give it to her 'because you did so good at swimming today Hannah'.

The other day I bought Julia DOnaldson's Charlie COok's Favourite Book. Yesterday Kit was telling me that he could read it. He sat down on te lounge and 'read' it for himself. I was duly impressed with his announcement and indeed althouh he isn't reading as such yet - he isn't far off. What an amazing thing - and I love that this is his first 'read' book - because it is all about the wonders of reading and the adventures to be found in books etc.

Hannah chose Curious George's Dictionary for herself - and it is great! I use it for her speech and we look a thte words and talk about the pictures in it - it is a lovely book and well organised too. Kit loved the calendar at the back as he is still tring to work out what we mean by years, months and so on and this is a nice visual explanation for him.

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