Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tonsils and adenoids

We got the twins some Toy Story lego as part of Hannah's recuperation package.
We survived! TOday is day 6 and Hannah seems to be doing great - I am holding back the pain meds - will see how she goes at eating some breakfast and adjust then if need be. She was of course a trooper. Just before she went down a little girl cam back quite distressed from the anesthetic - "I'm going to break this hopsital. It's yukky" sort of stuff - she had great verbal skills!! One conversation with her mum was just gorgeous although it was horrible to hear her so upset - "If we break the hospital what will happen to all the sick people?" and she replied with venomous passion poor love "...They can stay sick forever!".

It didn't set the best tone to take Hannah down to theatre - and even though I knew the anaesthetic hadn't affected Hannah like that before - the thought that she might be so upset made me felel teary - it was all I could do to hold it together - so DH took her in to the theatre while they put the mask over her face. Needless to say she came out great - had her iceblock and just wanted cuddles and some sleep. Not an easy desire to fulfil in a room with 2 other sick kids - both with very sore throats. Oh how a single room would have been good. The other families were lovely but the kids did disturb each other a bit then at 2 in the morning a little one with asthma came in. The hospital experience was a little 'down market' to our others however the staff and our ENT are great.

Han had a couple of quiet days where we just dosed her up on painstop and panadol. Yesterday we cut the painstop and today I'll see how she goes - she may only need 1 dose of panadol. She has been missing school so I might give her a half day on Tuesday - I am there for a 'training session' for the reading program so can check in on her easily.


Adelaide Dupont said...

I think a single room would have been terrific as well.

Love the comment: I want to blow up the hospital.

and the Mum's effort to develop empathy.

Not an easy thing to dredge up when sick or upset!

Michelle said...

glad to hear she's doing well with the recovery!

Beth said...

Hope she's fully bounced back from surgery--I know it can be a long haul.
Best wishes from my Hannah to yours!