Saturday, January 02, 2010


Yeears ago DH and I lived in East Balmain - at the end of our street was one of the 'hotspots' for viewing the NYE fireworks. They used to block off the main road leading down to the water. We ahd some great NYE there and from our back yard in Jan we'd also enjoy the summer fireworks at Darling Harbour.
Now we live in the 'burbs we don't have a 'hotspot' at the end of our street but there is this lvley park on the bay - with views across to the city. It doesn't get jam packed with people although there are hundreds who go there - families all ambling across the ovals to the roadside to watch the spectacle. It has a lovley atmosphrere. This year we lingered a while afterwards - and got to enjoy a lovely display of illegals too(fireworks can't be sold to individuals in NSW - although you can buy them in Canberra I'm told) anyhoo - they had some lovley ones that they let off - not very far from where we were standing. They were let off pretty carefully so we all quite enjoyed them. Then we ambled home in time to watch the big midnight display on the box. The brats were still awake so DH let them get up and watch too. My Dad was still with us (he is gone today - on the road back to Brisvegas - love ya Dad!) and my sister and her family were here until close to midnight.
It has been a busy 10 days - lots of entertaining and socialising. This afternoon we are getting another 2 visitors staying here. In the meantime it is time I gave the house the 'top to bottom' clean is so badly needs after hosting so many parties and afternoon teas and dinners for various family and friends. 2009 was atough year - I'm not sad to say it has gone. I hope that 2010 brings lots of good things our way... and yours too!

The view to the city for the NYE fireworks
Goofin' around
Hannah and one of her QLD cousins
My sister and the boys on NYE
I'm sure the brats were thinking it was a great start to the new year - an iceblock before lunch at Nan and Pop's
The kids love thier Pop
Kit just loves playing with his cousins. They set up a shop for the grown ups to buy things - pricing policy seemed a bit crazy to me - I paid $50 for a Wizard of Oz dvd whereas my SIL paid $1 for a lovely little boy (J) - but then again it was J's sister who set the pricing policy ... They also put on a number of 'shows' for us to enjoy. Hannah joined in for a few of them but she also managed to sneak into the lounge room and watch way too much tv for my liking.
Happy birthday little J

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