Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rogues Gallery

On Monday I took the twins out to visit their cousins while my SIL had some medical appointments to go to - her 4th baby - born at 32 weeks came home that afternoon (Yay!!! - I'll have to get back out there to visit her - she is adorable). We took advantage fo the cousins all being together to take some photoes of them all in their new school uniforms - I think they all look gorgeous - so grown up. I am dreading tomorrow - I hope I can hold back the tears until we are out of there - I have been teary about the first day of school for the past week. I can't believe they are growing up so fast!! DH is taking the day off work too - he is worried that the time has gone so quickly - they will be 10 before we know it!! Me - I am just sad cos they won't be needing me as much anymore...they are growing up - and doing so well.

Well I actually remembered to call the hospital for Hannah's preadmission today. Last time I offloaded Kit and took her with me - hung around for ages and she wasn't actually needed to be there - so I guess it didn't occur to me that it would be different today but it was! I had both of them with me. We waited for over an hour in the clinic until someone was available to fill out all our paperwork and then got sent upstairs for Hannah to have blood drawn. Waited up there - and then when they realised she is 5 years old - they put patches on her and sent us out to have lunch while we waited for them to take effect. Hannah has usually been good about stuff like this. In Dec last year after her seizure was the first time I have seen her distressed to be told she was going to see the dr or go to the hospital (where I had to take her for her EEG after having been seen by the emergency drs a few days prior). Today she seemed quite fine and relaxed too - but when the nurse put the needle in fo rthe blood draw - she flinched and things got a bit ugly and she got quite upset. Lucky the nurse was a dab hand and it was over pretty quickly. I then took them to our local shops and bought each of them a set of Toy Story lego - I figure that Hannah will be able to work on it with our help while she is recuperating. She is crashed out now on the bean bag - in front of Toy Story 2.

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Adelaide Dupont said...

I hope she is enjoying the Toy Story lego.

And it's great to see her with her older relative/friend.