Sunday, January 03, 2010

Little Chef

There is a Masterchef craze here at the moment. Kit asked the shopping centre Santa for a masterchef dvd for Christmas (which he got as well as the cookbook!). It was a huge hit on tele here - lots of kids enjoyed it with their parents apparently sales of kitchen equipment soared. I must say that I enjoyed watcing it - it was very positive for a reality tv show.

Hannah wasn't as enamoured but she has long been a fan of Remy - aka - 'little chef' from Ratatouille. She has watched the dvd countless times and when givent he opportunityt o spend her birthday money at a toy store - she has on different occassions chosen - yep - the rats! We have remy's brother complete with grapes (to spit out of his mouth) as well as a Remy that runs around the house bumping into walls. We ahve a drain pipe and plastic versions of Remy and his 'family'. I sitll sometimes wonder if she isnt' destined to become Newtown's first goth with DS - a young woman roaming King Street with a rat perched on her shoulders - but I digress.

The point is that she was into cooking in a big way for a long time before Masterchef's success. She was in it for Remy. Today she helped me make a fabulous mangomisu dessert for our friends who were visiting and yesterday she helped making the last Christmas cake (to see out Jan). She loves cooking and is often to be found at hte side of the house digging int he mud and mixing dirt and water in a bowl and then 'plating up' a tthe kids table with her bounty.

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