Thursday, January 14, 2010

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We rented a house at the beach with another family. It was a blast. Very relaxing. Lots of fun.
One afternoon rather than go back to the beach Hannah opted to play on the swings instead.

Kit loved splashing about in the water, jumping waves.

It might have been snow ... except for the heat!

There was lots of digging pools near the water, castles to be constructed and people to be 'buried' in the sand. Hannah made a lot of cakes and pancakes with the sand.
Dora got to enjoy the beach too
It isn't a beach holiday without some beach cricket...
There was an abundance of gorgeous natives in bloom as well as some hibiscus etc - here is one of the many Christmas Bushes that were in flower. The wattle was out too - I love its sweet scent.
Booderee National Park
We had a fantastic day at this national park - swimming and playing at one of the beaches, using the bbqs for a picnic and then a short drive to a ruined lighthouse. lovely.

Lighthouse ruins
Games - we played lots of games - the favourite indoor ones were this jigsaw and trivial pursuit (we used one that has a box of kids questions too). Kit was fascinated but at 5 he just doesn't have the general knowledge - so he and R and S 'made' up a game for him - trivial pursuit colours but no questions. Dice making proved to be a popular activity. Hannah enjoyed taking out all the cards and dice from games like House Hunt, Charade and Yahtzee. Kit made plaster moulds of Ben 10 stuff. There was also some little lego that got a lot of use and Kit and R wrote and illustrated a series of Hoover Dog booklets.
Now for the million loads of washing - oh and trying to establish some sort of ordered regime before the twins start school in a fortnight. Yeek!

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Michelle said...

It looks like the twins had an absolute blast!