Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Wiggles Go Bananas

When I was 18 I really liked a local band - the Cockroaches. They played at our school dance as well as us going and seeing them at various gigs when local indie music was popular in Sydney pubs. DH was in the school band - so he was the supporting act when they played in our school hall.
Years later they morphed into the Wiggles - and I couldn't wait to have children so I could go see them. Last year was the brats first Wiggles concert and they really liked it. They liked it even more this year. It was fantastic concert - so much fun. We were able to meet and greet the guys beforehand. Hannah ahd a drawing that she wanted to give to Murray. He was lovely and asked her about writing her name on it. Kit did a blue Mr Men style drawing for Anthony - he is holding it in the photo above.

As a 'special needs mama' I really love the Wiggles - they routinely and without fuss but very deliberately include kids with disabilities in everything they do - in their videos, at their meet and greets etc. They are fantastic guys and great role models. If only my DH could do the splits like that - we are about the same vintage as the Wiggles - but I couldn't see him on the gymnastics cube like that!!lol.


simplycamille said...

Oh, you lucky, lucky people: we love the Wiggles!!!
Emma really loves music but she won't take in a concert. It's too loud for her and she dashes out of the room. There is no stopping her. At home, we sing and dance on a daily basis.
Great photos!!!

jotcr2 said...

Great to have a meet and greet. We loved Murray too. He is very genuine, and sincere. They all are though.

My name is Sarah said...

You got to see the wiggles. Too cool.

Fathers Day Gift Baskets said...

I can't wait to take my kids to the show... I want them to finally shut up about the wiggles :), lol. Really though I've got my wiggles tickets and I'm ready to be done with it all.