Monday, April 27, 2009

A good day

We had a lovely weekend in the Dock. It was the end of school holidays and Sunday I got a few things organised as mondays are really busy at work. I cooked Monday night dinner in advance so that I could finally get to the gym (Ihaven't been for the last two weeks due to sickness - and really need to get back into it). It was 9.30pm and I just thought I'd double check work emails - and there it was - note from the principal "Happy Anzac Day, see you all Tuesday" - so YAY - in NSW Monday wasn't a public holiday to honour Anzac Day (Which fell on the Saturday) but for gov teachers it was. And it was for me too.

What did I do with this 'bonus day'? Well I dropped the kids at childcare at a leisurely 9am. Then went the gym followed by a shop - FOR ME (Wow!) at DJs. I bought a new jumper - pity I couldn't afford a new handbag or shoes or skirt as well - but at least the jumper is really nice and a good start. Then I called in at the coffee shop for supplies for the home coffee machine - home for lunch - Poirot was on the ABC. Then I swept and mopped all the floors. Painted my nails a lovely solid purple colour. At 3pm I went to get the kids.

While at childcare I chatted with the teacher in the room about the brats. The support person for the organisation had been out to visit Hannah and to start to prepare her education plan (yes I know - she has already been there 12 weeks - but hey - so it goes). Anyways this person, Sandra, has been visiting Han about once at term since she started at LDC. She always sets good goals for Hannnah, based on her own expertise, staff input and the form that I fill in too.

She was really impressed with how Hannah was going. The teacher in the room is new - started at the beginning of the year. She too was really positive about Hannah. Said how you wouldn't know there was a child with additional needs in the room specifically - cos Hannah follows the group routine really well. Knows the activities and plays independently. Gets her lunch wiith the otehrs etc. She commented on how much Hannah picks up from the other children and how she is also good at gettng what she wants and how she is using her speech more and how she sang along to the Play School theme today while Sandra was there and how she really has fun and tries her best to 'jump' with the other kids when they are singing Punchenalla (sp?).

Tomorrow I am going to call in at our preferred primary school - I must make sure to emphasise that they need to speak to the childcare centre and the EI mob as well as the preschool. It was stuff that I mostly knew but it was so nice to hear someone else agree - I sometimes think that P and I must be crazy to want to mainstream her with so little support. It is nice to know that not everyone in the mainstream jungle thinks that too.

It was also good to chat about Kit - and how he goes - the 'school of choice' has 2 streams so that we will be able to put them in separate classes. The teacher said that he is aware of where Hannah is and sometimes if she is slow to move to an activity he will go and help her but generally he is off playing with his friends. He has 2 really close and lovely friendships there.
A good day. Then I felt in such a good mood that even though we don't have the money I stopped in at the children's showshop and bought the brats some boots - they'll need them now taht the cooler weather of autumn has begun.

Tomorrow it is business as usual. Swimming in the morning and then music. The afternoon is free - I am thinking of making scones.

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Tommy's mommy said...

What a wonderful day you had! I'm glad that 'bonus' days exist, for you and for me! We can get a little rest, catch up on stuff....and the nail painting sounds great. Terrific post!