Sunday, April 05, 2009

small relief

Today being the first Sunday of the month I go to mass at the 'other' parish - the one where I am meeting the school principal tomorrow... the homily was on 'welcoming others' on 'going out of our comfort zone' to do just that.. it was like a breath of fresh air - now I just have to hope that the principal agrees! And yep - there is was where it belongs - the parish census - if you like, regular donations - if you like, invitation to become a reader, eucharistic minister etc - all very welcoming, sensible and friendly - and not linked to your chances of enrolling at their school across the road. Also some centenary wine --- mmm ---- I might get some of that!

I did run into an old neighbour of ours whose kids go to the school with the rather mean spirited priest - she says its fine cos you never really see him - not sure if that is good enough for me though! lol!

Hannah's friend got ehr mum to ring to say there was a giant frog at our local shops with baloons etc as she thought the twins might like to go there. She was right so while the four kids played in the playground there and tormented the poor frog, the grown ups had a cuppa together at a local cafe - very nice. Afterwards Dad and I drove Hannah into the art gallery to see the Archibald. We did try and disuade her as it was getting late but she clearly wanted to go tot he gallery - so off we went. She had a ball. It was interesting watching to see which paintings she liked - and then of course she wanted to come home to do some painting herself.

Easter lunch is in the Dock - I've written up clues for the easter egg hunt - will type them up tonight. On Thursday the brats need an easter hat for the school parade - the preschoolers are participating in - I wish I could go watch but taking a half day tomorrow is already stretching work's goodwill. Luckily their father will take the day off so that they have family in the audience and for the lunch to follow. It is our first 'school project' so I called on reinforcements - I needed the wisdom of my girlfriend who just made one for her son (he's 10) last week - she is sending over the twins' beloved R to help with this craft activity - I bought feathers and gold crepe paper, cardboard and little pom pom things so I think we should be right - got a marshmallow bunny for afternoon tea which I am looking forward to too! Yum.

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