Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Why I like this school

Principal is warm and welcoming (although she did go on about making sure we'd considered alternatives and our needing to be flexible to 'move' Hannah on when she falls further behind her peers - ie - the placement is no longer in hannah's best interest - she seemed to think that this was inevitable whereas I think of it only as possible)

The Kindy classroom is great - it has an atmosphere that is a good mix between childcare/preschool and 'big school'.

Lots of small group work.

Children select activities for the morning's learning from a visual board (like the activities board that the brats used at EI last year)

Parents can be trained and assist in the class regularly.

They have a multilit class - also 'manned' by parent volunteers - I have seen this in action while studying at Macquarie Uni and it really helps kids who are behind in their reading - it uses drills, sight words and phonics - a great program.

It is a catholic school so prayer and liturgy are just part of the normal school life

The classes aren't huge - especially by catholic standards

As I was leaving the interview I ran into an old friend who used to work with P. She raved about the school and is clearly involved - has a child in year 2 and one in kindy.

The kindy - 2s are involved in an Early Learning Program that is quite radical for a conventional primary school but that seems to be very effective with most kids - especally brats like Hannah.

I liked the set up in the library. And it is open sometimes at lunch.

The principal is clearly devoted to kids and the students really like her.

It is mainstream and it is not too far form where we live.

They teach 'social skils' explicitly in kindy - again this will really suit Hannah.

The mum I met said that they dealt with bullying very well.

As for any school - Hannah would benefit from some funding to enable her to have some one on one time - this is possible in the class setting but it is very unlikely the $$ will be available. Still - parent volunteers may help a bit. It was a little hard to 'read' the principal - does she really want Hannah? [I was pleased that P and I were able to point out that we want a school that doesn't just see the extra work Hannah brings - but sees her as an opportunity - as one of the good things about the job of teaching. I think the principal got our point on that one.]

Overall - it is easily the most appropriate choice for our twins. Now where do you think I put those birth certificates - at $42 each to replace plus a 5 week wait - I'd rather find the ones I already have!

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