Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Up and Down

So I was feeling quite good - Plan A and Plan B - in place by COB tomorrow. Then got a call from the CEO support person. I don't know. I drove home in tears. Why can't they just see Hannah? Why do they think that P and I are too stupid to realise what its going to be like? Why are they too stupid to see beyond their own prejudice. Oh she was nice as pie. But still I can't help feeling there is an underlying wish that we would bugger off and go to the state system where they have to take kids like Hannah - where 'they are better equipped to take kids like Hannah' - although the only benefit she mentioned was the classes have 20 kids as opposed to Catholic schools which can have any number and often have about 30.

I just look at Han and my heart melts. I want to keep her with me I wonder what is the point of all the work we do with her if still she can't be seen on her own terms. I'm not delusional about my daughter. I want her happiness more than anything. I also don't want to sell her short. I feel so tired - and I haven't even lodged an application for enrolment anywhere yet. It is ridiculous.

Tomorrow I'll drop in enrolment forms at the two schools on our wish list - knowing that each is secretly hoping the other ends up with her.

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Cate said...

It has to be fear of the unknown. They need to have "kids like Hannah" in their classes to understand that it's not a negative. That maybe it would be GOOD for the other kids, and the teachers.

Plus, these are church schools! What's that thing about "the least of my brothers"? How about some compassion?

Anyway. I'm cheering you on from here.