Friday, April 17, 2009

One ordinary Day

It's the end of the first week of holidays in the Dock. My throat has been very sore for the past three days. Hannah has been snot city and both brats are coughing at night. Dad is also sick - so my DH has been carrying the extra load - I basically go to bed not long after her gets home from work.

I have however managed to get some sewing done. Firstly the quilt for R which we gave to her today and I think she really liked it - I hope so. As well as the bulk of the main squares for a walhanging using Japanese fabrics for our lounge room.

I woke up this morning feeling sorry for mysef. Other people get to stay home i bed when they are sick but not me. The kids have been great but definitely getting some cabin fever (partially cos it's school holidays and they aren't used to so much free time!). Hannah decided it was dress up day - and both spent a bit of time playing in their superhero costumes.

Then we walked to the local library, got a few supplies from the supermarket, played in the playground and came home. Morning tea then Hannah did some 'talking lessons' as they are called here - she did pretty well too! Then as a reward we had to do some colouring and some dancing. Lucky for me I got a call from Rudi our friend 'from around the corner' to say he was home with his kids and did we want to go to the library?
In the end he called by and took the brats tot he park with R and S - the twins' very favourite friends. While at the park - Kit saw Toby - his best friend from childcare so he got to play with him too. I then met them at a local cafe - very civilised. Once we got home the kids went straight to play so Rudi got to go and do a little shopping while the kids played together and I did a bit of sewing.

It made me wonder about the stereotype of the 1950s SAHM in her curlers doped up on valium. I don't think so - with lots of other adults also at home as well as all those delivery businesses. Rudi would no doubt have been called Madge - but that sort of interaction turned a pleasant ordinary day into a lovely ordinary day. Gotta love community and family - without those life would be less than ordinary.

We're outta here. Bye!

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