Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well the twins' play date was successful - I guess that's to be expected when you combine 4 great kids together! Hannah didn't interact all the time (she happily played on her own too - thank goodness for Kit!) but she had a ball on the trampoline with everyone, intiated a drawing activity and had a ball using Kit's bed a s a'stage' for their concert. A lovely morning. Like a leaf on the rosebush unfurling in the first light of dawn. then I had a lovely lunch with my former colleagues - Hannah was pooped and slept from when we arrived to the end of lunch pretty much!
Today we went to the local all abilities park to meet a friend for a moring tea picnic which was lovley. Then Kit visited a friend from the twins old preschool for a playdate - when we got home Hannah kept saying that she wanted Kit - "Want Kit now". So I asked her about her friends - her response was R (yes our gorgeous 12 year old) and then she listed "Kit, Mummy, Daddy, Gra..."
Kit then had his first soccer training session - he really loves it but he was so buggered - he played soccer for at least an hour! Hannah and I kicked a ball around and chased and threw and played tunnel ball - as we rumbled I looked up at her beautiful face - laughing mouth framed by strawberry red hair and topped with a cheeky sun hat - surrounded by blue sky backdrop and some fluffy white clouds - absolute bliss. I don't have any judgements to make or say but I spared a glancing thought/half a prayer for the beautiful twins in Florida - the one who was 'wrongfully terminated' by the dr and then the other with DS who was 'terminated' not long after. I couldn't help it - but I didn't linger - I also wished I had my camera closer (it was in my bag on the sidelines) but precious moments of joy like that are sometimes just for the having not the capture.
I did notice though that after 20-30 minutes of running around Hannah was tired and slowed the pace down and when she missed - if the ball hit her - she got quite upset and tentative. Yes I really don't think she'd cope in a regular soccer team. Throughout the game as she noticed him stumble or crash into anohter team mate - she'd say with concern 'Kit sore'. She also has obviously been practising some interesting moves with Miss A her sprots teacher at school because she was literally moving my legs and arms to show me what to do at one stage in our play - too funny to see her try and show me - she wanted me to lift a leg up and an arm up (on the same side of my body) and then she would try and throw a ball through them!!
At one stage towards the end I saw Kit tumble, saw him look shocked (and a bit winded), and tired and then go to cry before pulling himself together, getting up and chasing the ball - I was so proud of him at the same time I just wanted to go and hug him close. At the end of the game Hannah went straight to him and gave him a cuddle. he was so tired and sweaty and dirty - he barely noticed - he just wanted to get into the car and have some quiet time.

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Great to hear about Hannah and her activities.

Those were some interesting moves!