Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby C

I try to be careful about putting people's images on this blog - who aren't the twins anyways but I just couldn't resist some of these of Baby C (and babies all look the same anyways don't they??) My SIL kindly lent us a new toy - her youngest child while she went and joined her oldest 3 at the Easter Show. Her family had a rocky year last year - my SIL has been very ill. Baby C is a wonderful addition - the ray of light in a dark year. Luckily my SIL is also looking pretty good at the moment so hopefully the beast is slain. Life truly is precious beyond belief. I loved playing with my new neice and watching the twins play with her too. She is such an 'easy' baby.
When we found out she was arriving Kit was quite cute - because he heard us discussing her - and hoping she was going to be 'ok' he thought she must have Down Syndrome too - I think he was a bit confused when we tried to explain that lots of babies are born who don't have an extra chhromosome and not every family has a Hannah although they certainly have little miracles - sweet miracles that remind us how very blessed we are and how magnificant this life is. Baby C is just delicious.

Her pediatrician is the same as Hannahs - I'm thinking of posting him the Dr Hannah pic - so he can see what great role model he's been!

Milk monster...

We hope she comes back soon!


Adelaide Dupont said...

Hope you do post the Doctor Hannah pic to the paeditrician.

Amanda said...

Love "Dr Hannah'. Your twins are so precious Shell.